Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello,welcome to Cake Love!

Two years ago I began a journey into the world of cakes.It started with Ali,who is now my daughter in law and was then in the process of planning their wedding.She showed me pictures on the internet,they were the most beautiful cakes I had ever seen.I don't watch much t.v. and believe it or not I hadn't seen or maybe just hadn't paid any attention to how pretty cakes had gotten.

That day I fell in love with cakes and I am still head over heels in love with them.

I have an artistic background and had designed and sold jewelry in the past.I also was a professional cook and managed a banquet hall.I worked in retail for many years and did the office work for my husband's business so I guess all those things led me to where I am today, dreaming of a cake business.

A couple of weeks after I had been introduced to these beautiful pieces of edible art I brazenly told my son that if they couldn't find someone to make their cake that I bet him that I could do it.I never really thought they would take me up on that bet.Well,as you probaly guessed,their cake lady disapeared and they asked me if I could really do it and then I panicked.Crazy me,what had I been thinking,their wedding,such an important day....Back and forth I went in my mind wondering if I could do it but when I put my mind to something,I do it and I did. Oh the practice cakes I made and my first introduction to fondant,they were not that good but I tried and tried and they got better and I made my first roses.

This was the beginning of my journey into CAKE LOVE. I hope you will follow me while I continue to learn more about this crazy love of mine and maybe it is yours too.I know I am not alone in this passion. I will be sharing tips that have helped me,tutorials when I think I have something to share and also some of my cake disasters.
Here it is the two topper cakes that started all of this.Their wedding was July 31,2010.

Until next time,share the love!!

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  1. So glad to have the priviledge of being there in the beginning of this wonderful journey with you. You never ceases to amaze me with your imagination and creativity in the cakes that you design. I have a feeling that CAKE LOVE is going to be some thing bigger than you ever imagined!